I’m going on vacation

I won’t be blogging or answering comments starting today and lasting at least ’til thursday, maybe even until saturday.

But I’ve got a very good reason! Okay, the title gives it away, but I wanna share my happiness in detail with you. I’ll be going on a short trip to visit my gf ❤ And because I don’t already have enough unread books, we’ll be going on a (book) shopping spree together. Well, I kinda hope it will not become a big spree, but knowing myself? It will. Especially because there is a stationary department as well and since I have no self control regarding stationary…

I’ll be sharing my book haul with you after I’m back. And then you’ll be getting more reviews, because I do have read books and I do have taken notes about them. I just didn’t write the reviews. But I will.

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