Frankfurter Buchmesse / Frankfurt Book Fair II

I wanted to write this post on thursday, friday at the latest. Oh well.

Being at the frankfurt book fair as an exhibitor was a great experience and I can’t wait for next year’s book fair. It takes a lot of energy out of you though.

I had a list with all the events I wanted to take part in, but somehow I only managed to get to two… at least I got to see Sebastian Fitzek. I didn’t had enough time to get an autograph, but that’s fine.

Way more important was meeting my girlfriend. Only Sunday was planned, but somehow she managed to come visit me saturday as well! I’m still a happy little ball of sunshine because of this. One day you’ll get to see a picture of us. Maybe.

I even met another wordpress blogger there (okay, that itself is not that surprising, but I usually don’t mention my blog to others, plus he was at the stand next to ours). If you speak german, do check out his blog (come on, I had to link to your book-page! Hopefully that list will grow sometime *hint hint*).

A short meeting with Astrid Ohletz from Ylva-Verlag/Ylva Publishing was possible as well. I fangirled a little but hopefully not too much.  And then she told me that Emily O’Beirne knows who I am, who is only one of my favourite authors, so absolutely no big deal at all…

There were no reviews on my blog this week. I don’t like this. I will get better. So next week you’ll get at least two (so, the norm tbh) and a TTT as well. I only need to find my review notebook… Currently there are books everywhere in my room (book fair, you know what happens at those). It has to be under one of those…

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    • I really don’t understand this site’s spam detecting system.
      Why was your first comment, that is much more comment like marked as spam and your second comment got automatically approved??? Wtf…

      So yeah, late reply because I don’t check my spam very often (maybe I should change that…).
      Thank you! I love your blog’s name. And it’s very fitting, too, so bonus points for your choice. 😀


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