Review: The Club by A.L. Brooks

 Series: Standalone

Genre: LGBT (f/f), Erotica

Rating: dnf at 30%

Cover: Nothing special, but fitting.

Links: goodreads, publisher

Trigger warnings: cheating (maybe more)

Description: Welcome to The Club—leave your inhibitions and your everyday cares at the door and indulge yourself in an evening of anonymous, no-strings, woman-on-woman action.
For many of the women who visit The Club this is exactly what they are looking for and what they get. For others the emotions run high, and one night of sex can change their lives in ways they couldn’t have imagined. For Lou, her weekly visits to The Club enable her to set aside her shyness and loneliness and feel intimacy, however briefly. For Kath, caring for her mother at home, The Club is a welcome relief from her everyday toil; while Max needs distraction from her troubled relationship, even as she tries to tell herself she isn’t really cheating. Tania and Jacky find an outlet for a tricky block in their sex life. Cassie and Nina, bar staff at The Club, find themselves staying on after hours. And finally, Stephanie, struggling with her sexuality, finds her life changing in so many ways once she plucks up courage to enter.
The lives of these women intersect in ways they don’t realize, and watching over them all is Mandy— the owner, whose own ghosts play a pivotal role in the existence of The Club.

Review: I feel really bad for dnf-ing this book, but I just couldn’t read further.

There are no 1 or 2 star ratings on goodreads (12th august 2016), so I’m probably very alone with my dislike of this book.

I just couldn’t get into it! I didn’t get a feel for the different characters. Instead I felt indifferent and with some eve annoyed. Example: two women are in a relationship, one of them doesn’t like to be eaten out and they are having an argument over it every few weeks. Wtf?! Just don’t do it? There are other fun things to do? I really, really didn’t get it. Is that such a big deal?

Another thing bothering me was the butch/femme dynamic. As far as I read there is always a butch and a femme getting it on. Because you gotta have the male part and the female part of course. Yes, I know there are butches and femmes, but that’s not all there is and it’s not always butch/femme.

Anyway. I really dreaded reading, so I didn’t read for three whole days. Even though the writing itself is not horrible or anything.

The sex scenes were hot enough on their own if I didn’t think too much about it, but that is not enough for me to read further.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you.

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