Review: Snow Men by Evelyn Fire

 Series: Snowed-In Series (Book 1)

Genre: Erotica

Rating: 5/5 Stars

Cover: Nothing special to be honest

Goodreads: add

Trigger warnings: none

Description: Voluptuous Miranda Davies’ high pressure career and recently ended relationship have left her desperately needing a peaceful getaway—alone. A quiet weekend in a secluded, snowy rental cabin is just what she desperately needs.

When two young, attractive men arrive and disturb her peace, Miranda envisions her restorative vacation going down in flames. She lets the intruders know, in no uncertain terms, that they are not welcome. Unfortunately for her, Drew and Colin seem to have a valid claim to the cabin as well…and no intention of giving it up.

With the sky churning out far more snow than forecasted, and tensions churning among them, the three must find a way to coexist in the small space for the weekend. Then an unexpected, shocking dream shines a whole new light on the situation for Miranda. Suddenly, it seems the flames these two men ignite in her are what she has really needed all along.

Review: I’ve read my fair share of erotica books and this one really does stand out. In more ways than one.

  • it features a woman, who is neither young nor skinny (fucking finally! by the way)
  • one of the men is not your typical stud but instead average and a little bit shy
  • we’ve got a lady in charge
  • the details!

This novella is just a very fun, sexy and different read. You get to know the characters (I just love Miranda) and the environment because this is no ‘hi, my name is xyz, let’s have sex’ erotica.

Disclaimer: I was provided by the author with a free copy in exchange for an honest review. Thank you.

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