Review: Transformed: San Francisco by Suzanne Falter & Jack Harvey

 Series: A Charley and Eletctra Story (Book 1)

Genre: LGBT (trans* & pansexual character,lesbian character), Thriller

Rating: 4/5 stars

Cover: Not really fitting, I’d say?

Buy: Amazon

Trigger warnings: homophobia

Description: Charley McElroy is a handsome, well-heeled travel writer and CIA informant who also happens to be an F to M transman. And he’s having a midlife crisis.

Charley gets suspended by the Agency after forgetting to pay his taxes. Only days earlier, yet another marriage proposal has been spurned. In his grief and confusion, Charley befriends Electra, a high-powered Manhattan socialite-turned-dominatrix rebuilding her life in San Francisco. Then he meets Frankie, a disgruntled lesbian police sergeant who has been demoted by the SFPD for being a whistle blower.

Together they uncover a Christian fundamentalist’s lethal plot to destroy the ‘hedonists’ of San Francisco. Yet, neither the SFPD nor the CIA will take the threat seriously due to the trio’s outsider status.

Can they get anyone to listen to them? Or are they on their own?

Find out in this funny thriller filled with San Francisco’s spectacular scenery and inimitable, quirky characters.

Review: I nearly dnf-ed this book. The beginning is so hectic and the characters seem rather random. But I read on and suddenly I was hooked. Everything comes smoothly together… well, mostly. I was confused why they get from stalker to terrorist. Maybe I read over something, but I am sure I didn’t.

Anyway, I really liked Charley’s doubts about his own body and how he helps Electra discover herself. At first I couldn’t take her seriously as a dominatrix, because in her everyday life she truly isn’t dominant (not saying you have to be), but later on the reader gets to read her in a scene and: mh, yes.

It isn’t the most intellectual read, but I was entertained. Nearly entertained enough to ignore the mistakes. There were a few repetitions (like how plastic bags are forbidden in San Francisco).

At the end of the book you learn what inspired the authors to this novel and I may be checking those books out.

Disclaimer: I was provided with a free copy through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you.

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  1. When I saw the cover, I thought “Oooh, a sexy BDSM book!” but then reading the summary it’s… really not? Weird cover choice. But the book sounds crazy interesting, I must admit. I love books that can hook you like that.

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