Review: Not safe for work by L.A. Witt

Not safe for work

Series: Standalone

Genre: LGBT (m/m), Erotica, Romance

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Cover: Yes. Come on, what’s not to like?

Buy: Amazon (publishing date is December 15th)

Trigger Warning: None

Description: They’re a match made in the dungeon…until their secret gets out.Bored senseless in a meeting, architectural modeler Jon McNeill amuses himself with a kinky dating app on his phone. Then the app matches him with another user…who’s six feet away. Suddenly Jon finds himself on the same page as someone way above his pay grade: millionaire property developer Rick Pierce. His firm’s biggest—and hottest—client.The app isn’t kidding either. They’re a perfect match. Jon’s a Dom, Rick’s a sub, andbondage is their thing. Both guys are well into their forties, know their way around the bedroom, and definitely appreciate a good suit. And the best part? They’re a match outside the bedroom too.But office relationships aren’t easy to keep a secret. When the truth comes out, Jon iscertain he’s about to get fired. Instead, his bosses throw him a curve ball—an ultimatum that puts both his job and his relationship in jeopardy.Warning: Contains literal and figurative sex machines, blindfolds, a sub being punished during a business meeting, enough rope to tangle up a millionaire, and a Golden Girls marathon.

Review: I was pulled right into this story, because the book’s voice is really captivating. Both main characters are middle-aged. This alone is a huge plus to me because always reading about young, sexy men in their twenties? ‘Older’ people have a (sex) life, too. I liked how their age plays a role. You can’t kneel for a long time without discomfort and sometimes your knees do complain. This made the characters very real and likeable.

There is some kind of Insta-lust, but in this case it does make sense. If you are kinky and you learn someone is compatible with you, you start to fantasize, right? I especially liked that they have a vanilla sex life and a kinky one. The kinks they engage in, are discussed before they start playing and they get to know each other, so trust is build before.

While there are some sex scenes (of course), the characters aren’t defined by their sexuality. They have a life outside of it too – mainly work – and that has a big part in this story. Bonus points for female characters with personality.

There were some repititions in this book, but since my copy is an arc I’m hoping this will be edited. If the ending or rather the part before the end, would have been not so rushed and easily solved, I’d have given 5 stars.

Disclaimer: I was provided via NetGalley with a free copy in exchange for an honest review. Thank you.

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