Wrap up: September

Hello everyone! September was a rather slow month for me. I was busy with some things in my life and I always become sick after writing exams (they were at the beginning of september and I’m still waiting for my grades) … But I was able to write some reviews and participate in some memes and at least write one discussion about Insta-love. Below you’ll find what has happened on my blog in september

Memes and discussions

Things that need to stop – or at least decrease in appearance

Top Ten Tuesday


Books I’ve read or reviewed

  • Einstein’s Beach House (ARC) Review
  • 32 Lays Later: The List 2 (ARC) Review
  • Praying for time (ARC) Review
  • Pup/Berührt (ARC) Review
  • Unlike any other (ARC) Review
  • Im Abseits der Lichter (ARC) Review
  • Mondo Bohemiano (ARC) Review
  • Trading with Death (ARC) Review
  • Lesbisch für Anfängerinnen: Willkommen in der WG! (ARC) Review
  • Owned (ARC) Review
  • Stalked (ARC) Review
  • Inked Souls (ARC) Review
  • Not safe for work (ARC)
  • Chase the dark (bought)
  • Silk over Razor Blades (ARC) Review
  • Must love ghosts (ARC)
  • Accidental Killer (ARC)

Books I’ve bought

None…. 😦

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  1. Hey, you still managed to get quite a few read and/or reviewed, well done!
    Love your wrap-up post, looks like you got to some pretty interesting discussions as well 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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