Review: Lucky Linus by Gene Gant

Lucky LinusDescription: Is the possibility of fulfilling your heart’s desire worth the risk of breaking it? Fourteen-year-old Linus Lightman is understandably reluctant to trust his newest foster family, the Nelsons, after he’s bounced through the system since being being taken from his neglectful mother. He’s certain they will reject him when they find out he’s gay, and getting to know them will only lead to hurt later. Trying to cope, he builds a friendship with Kevin Mapleton, and it quickly grows into romance, despite Linus’s fears. Then a video of Linus and Kevin having sex is posted online, and Linus knows from past experience exactly what’s going to happen. This sort of scandal will cost him his new home and Kevin’s love, snatching away his fragile hopes of belonging.

Rating: 4/5 stars

Cover: It’s a really powerful image, I’d say.

Review: This is a book, which deals with child abuse. But instead of going into detail about the horrible things, that Linus had to endure, it focuses on his present and future.

While reading I felt really bad for the main character at times. And then his hope and delight got through to me and I had no choice but to share his thrill about his first love, share his fear of discovery.

Lucky Linus is a fast, emotional read with a rather sudden but nonetheless satisfying end.

Trigger warning: (sexual) abuse, homophobia, bullying


I was provided by NetGalley with a free ARC in exchange for a honest review. Thank you.

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