Discussion: Does an erotic story need a romance?

discussionYou know how it is. You’re a little bored or maybe you’re surfing the web looking for new things to write about. And then you read something and you just know you have to write about it. You know you want to know what your lovely followers think of it. This happened to me when I read this question by Rainy Kaye.

Putting YA aside, where most romances stop with kissing, adult fiction always goes the whole way. And I have to be honest, if I am reading romantic adult fiction I kinda want to have some erotic in it. If it isn’t there I feel kinda disappointed.

The other way round? Not so much. If I pick up an erotic book, I want to it to focus on exactly that. There may be some romance in it, but it would be nice if there wasn’t any at all sometimes. I can’t remember if I ever read a book like that. At least at the end there has to be some sort of ‘romantic conclusion’ like a version of happily ever after. I want them to have an erotic adventure or maybe more than one. That’s it.

I think this may have to do a lot with the way society likes to put a stop to sex without love. Men may sleep with a woman without having deeper feelings for her, but if a woman were to do that? Gasp! She would be soiled! Who would want to be in a relationship with such a flighty woman?! (I’m being deliberately heteronormative here)

I’ll stop here because I would work myself up over the issue of the number of sex partners one is ‘allowed’ to have.

Tell me, what do you think of this? The romantic part in an erotic story, I mean.

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  1. I have no problem with an erotic book having just sex and no romance. But I really hate when a book is advertised as a Romance, and there’s no actual relationship being built. Sex is one thing, but when reading a romance novel I want an emotional aspect, too. I’ve read a few erotic novels that had no real Romance, but it is pretty rare to find them.

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