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A while ago Ana blogged about her Top 10 Book Related Sites and one of those sites was Better world books. Usually I buy my used books over Amazon, rebuy or medimops. Those sites are based in germany and apart from medimops where the delivery is for free if you spend over 20€, the shipping costs aren’t cheap. Most of the time there’s one book I want to buy and the shipping’s like 3 times the book price. So I don’t buy as many used books as I would like to.

Better World Books offers free world wide delivery! But there’s more. For every book you buy they donate one for people in need and they fund literacy projects. All around the world. So you get to buy used books and you’re helping other people. Where’s the downside?

They have a cute little feature you get when you buy something from them. Curious? Go and buy a book.

I am wondering if it’s the same every time or if you get different ones with each order. I’ll find out next time.

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  1. Credit where credit is due 😀
    I was talking about the conformation e-mail; the one your book sends you? Mine had the same wording than yours did. Of course writing a different one for every order/customer is a lot of work. But maybe they differ from order to order? Like 1st order the one we got and the 2nd order a customer orders they get a different e-mail?


  2. Hey, thanks for linking back to my blog 😉
    Do you mean the ‘Your Impact’ feature? I received an email from them mentioning it but cannot tell if there is anything to it other than showing the total books a user has bought and therefore the site donates.
    I think it would be interesting to show which book they donated on our behalf!


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