Rating system

My rating system consists of stars, 1 star the lowest and 5 stars the highest rating. There is also the rating dnf, that is lower than 1 star but can’t be used outside of my blog, so outside of The Queer Bookish I’ll file dnf under 1 star and make a note at the beginning of the review.


This book doesn’t deserve even a minute more of my time. Either it’s so boring it is painful to even skim read it or – and that’s more often the case – there is something disturbingly wrong with it. My review will explain why I couldn’t bring myself to finish reading it.

1 Star

This book shouldn’t have been published in my eyes. This may be for example because it is horribly written or something really unhealthy is presented as desirable. I’ll always clarify in my review what the reason for the lowest rating is.

2 Stars

This book didn’t work for me. Maybe I really had to struggle through it or saved myself into skim reading to be able to finish it. The issues I had with it will be clarified in my review.

3 Stars

This book is alright. I won’t read it again but it wasn’t a waste of time. I won’t be surprised if other people are going to like it because tastes differ.

4 Stars

This book will be reread and you should totaly check it out because it is really good.

5 Stars

This book is filed under my favourites, no questions asked! If you and I are friends/mutuals I’ll have to fight the urge to ask for daily reading progress updates.

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