Review: Hear’s the Thing by Cody Alan

Quick Info
Hear’s the Thing

  • Title: Hear’s the Thing
  • Author: Cody Alan
  • Release Date: 9th November 2021
  • Genre: Memoir
  • Content Warnings: cancer, deadly shooting, forced alcohol drinking, cheating, homophobia, suicide mention, police brutality, racism, sexism, cults
  • rating: 1/5 Stars

Hear’s the Thing

In our noise-filled world, where everyone is so quick to speak, the fine art of listening is often lost. When we slow down and give someone our full attention, we offer them a safe place to be fully heard and accepted. 

Hear’s the Thing is a story about what is possible when someone is brave enough to listen to others… and, ultimately, themselves without judgement.

For Cody Alan, one of country music’s most famous on-air radio and TV personalities, listening to other people has always been a crucial part of his role. It was by fostering his ability to hear others that he discovered the person he most needed to listen to was himself. Listening ultimately led him on a journey of self-discovery where he found the courage to come out as gay, the openness to question spiritually, and the strength to explore a new definition of parenting and family. 

In his debut memoir, Hear’s the Thing, Cody shares some of the many lessons he’s learned along the way, including:

How to actively listen with empathy and without judgment
Why a willingness to “let people in” better equips you to receive from others
How genuine attentiveness can help you build healthier and deeper relationships
Cody’s story will inspire you to hear that inner voice that is leading you to a deeper connection with yourself and the people around you.

The Queer’s Review

Hahaha. No. Just no.

I really dreaded writing this review as much as I was actually looking forward to reading Cody Alan’s book. I feel like I should stress at this point that I didn’t know of him before picking up his book. And after forcing myself to finish it I can safely I would have been better off not requesting it at all.

For a hot minute I was tempted to simply quote my notes and leave it at that. To be honest I’m still tempted to do just that but I’ll try to write an actual text.

This book left me feeling dirty and going through my notes now and reading which parts I “highlighted” that feeling is back. I don’t even know where to start.

Like, do I start with that disgusting focus in women being feminine and how that helps feeling like a “manly man” (kindle pos. 1024).

The cheating?

How being gay means that you’re obsessed with your clothing?

Not acknowledging how being rich and priviledged gives you a better chance at fucking surviving the pandemic? Feeling “awkward” about having to wear a face mask?

Being critical about the Black Lives Matter movement? “How can I push for BLM if I treat a certain group of peple differently?” (kindle pos. 2437)

And last but not least, it felt like he pushes his Mormon belief unto his readers nevermind how it’s not allowed to actually live as a queer person. Now and then I read a story about people who were raised Mormon and how their lives were, how difficult leaving that faith it, how their dealing with the consequences.

And honestly, it made me relive losing my best friend to a cult and how she tried to force me down that shithole with her. Not fun.

Bookish Thoughts

I wasn’t expecting to be “inspired” by Hear’s the Thing but I actually thought I would receive a heartfelt story. I was left with a dirty taste in my mouth and wasted time I could have spent reading something I actually enjoy. It’s not often I rate a book 1 Star but I can’t bring myself to give it 2 and I really don’t know why there’s an average of 4.10 rating on GR (stand 24th January 2022).


I received a free ARC through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you.

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